Our Sincere Thanks

The brains behind the results processing and the website integration with an existing race calendar is David Brooks of Road Race Results.com.  He helped transition the background logistics to a much simpler, easier-to-manage system and provided the results and standings. Our thanks to David for over five years of excellent technical assistance and fantastic service.  You'll find his calendar, results and 'find-a-runner' feature extremely helpful.


Our thanks to Michael Brennan of Brennan Event Management for his management of the program since it started!  Michael's knowledge of running and connections in the running community helped make the program a fun one that earned many great comments from runners.


Our thanks also to Marissa Schroder at Get Out There Magazine who gave the Road Warrior program a good boost in her magazine and via social media. Keep reading Get Out There! 


And our thanks to My Next Race.com for their support over the term of the program also. Peter Donato saw the merits of the program and used his service to promote it.  Check out his site for race ratings, a calendar and some fun races! Visit their site!  http://www.mynextrace.com (sorry can't get logo to work here)

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The Road Warrior program is an initiative of Athletics Ontario in conjunction with a grant from the Trillium Foundation.

 AO   Ontario Trillium Foundation 

Road Warrior Program Approaches Finish Line 

Road Warrior Runners... An important announcement 

Sadly, we are writing to advise that the Road Warrior program is being shut down. While we gave it a good go and had a blast doing it, we could not find a way to sustain the program on a ‘for free’ basis without sponsorship.


On the bright side, we’re sending prizes to the top 5 in the Road Warrior standings in October after the September races are over.  If you have any hopes to win a prize bundle – and over 30 of you are in the ‘running’ for one – better run one or more of the remaining races. See the 'Races' page for those.


We hope you enjoyed the program and that it inspired you to work harder, get fitter and have more fun. We wish you the best in all of your training and racing, and hope you will encourage other people to get active and enjoy our wonderful sport


We would also like to thank Michael Brennan who quarterbacked the entire project, and David Brooks of RoadRaceResults.com who was the mad professor managing the data and race results behind the scenes.


Thanks for your support and good luck in the future.

John Craig

Athletics Ontario


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"You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming."

- Frank Shorter

NOTE... Only September races count towards the Road Warrior standings and then the program shuts down and prizes are awarded to the top 5 points getters. Earn points at the remaining September races ONLY! Click the RACES tab above to see races.
Different points for different races
Points System for Road Warrior Races
for Running a Marathon
(every Road Warrior finishing a marathon will earn a minimum 10 points and the more Road Warriors attending a marathon, the higher the points get that are awarded, to a max of 42) 

for Running a Half

(every Road Warrior finishing a half marathon will earn a minimum 7 points and the more Road Warriors attending a half marathon, the higher the points get that are awarded, to a max of 25)                 

for Running a 10k

(every Road Warrior finishing a 10k will earn a minimum 4 points and the more Road Warriors attending a 10k, the higher the points get that are awarded, to a max of 15) 

for Running a
(every Road Warrior finishing a 5k will earn a minimum 2 points and the more Road Warriors attending a 5k, the higher the points get that are awarded, to a max of 10). 

Remember, the more Road Warriors in a race, the more points awarded (to the maximum).  Or put another way, if there are fewer Road Warriors at a race, there will be fewer points awarded.